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Generation Of CR12, Company Linking & Processing Annual CR12

Generation Of CR12, Company Linking & Processing Annual CR12

The official CR12 document, which is released by the Company Registrar, contains information about a company's shareholding or directorship. The form lists the company's directors or owners together with the number of shares that each owns. Additionally, the postal address, registration date, and nominal shares of the firm are listed. The Company Registrar attests to the accuracy of the company's registry records by issuing this document.

Linking of a business is the process through which a company proprietor, director/shareholder or a Certified Public Secretary (CPS) provides details pertaining to the company online to the Business Registration Service (BRS) for verification with the details that already exist at the BRS.

A CR12 is an official confirmation by the Registrar of Companies in Kenya as to whom the directors/shareholders of a company are.

All these procedures can prove tiresome & time consuming if you are multi-tasking and have to beat your businesses deliverables. Makkah comes in strategically at this point to bridge the gap.

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