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Company Registration Services

Makkah International Consultants is a leading consulting firm that provides comprehensive business registration services to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

Change Of Company Directors / Shareholders

Makkah International Consultants is a trusted partner for businesses looking to change their board of directors and offer shares.


Makkah International Consultants is a leading consulting firm that provides comprehensive services to businesses. The company offers a range of services, including helping businesses to get AGPO certification.

Change Of Business To Company

In Kenya, most new businesses first register as a business name before becoming companies.

Company Linking

Linking of a business is the process through which a company proprietor, director/shareholder or a Certified Public Secretary (CPS) provides details pertaining to the company online to the Business Registration Service (BRS) for verification with the details that already exist at the BRS.

Sheria House Services

We look forward to help you in Registration Of Companies, Change Of Directors, Processing Of Company Pin & Tax Compliance and much more .

Treasury Services

We can offer support for AGPO and IFMIS services.

Welcome to the Makkah

We are a business consultancy firm with extensive experience in Business registrations, Company Formations, Business acquisitions, Business start-ups, Licensing, and other Business compliance services in Kenya and other African countries.

Growth Partner

We are here to work along side you to grow your business. We take a long-term approach to your business, actively supporting both your planning and efforts.

Impactful Consultant

We have a broad field of expertise based on theory and practice. We are capable process consultants. We have a comprehensive view of change strategies and a wide range of intervention methodologies we are able to choose from.

Helping Leaders

We building trust, inspiration, and helping you overcome the challenges they encounter in your journey to the top. We have been through it, We will help you get up there.

Services Offered By Makkah

Business Registration Services

We offer Registration of companies Change of Directors, Processing of company pin & tax compliance, Generation of cr12, company linking & processing, annual cr12 renewal and many more.

Treasury Services

We offer support for Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) we also support you get IFMIS services.

Why Choose Makkah

We Are Experts

We have in place all the necessary techniques,resources that your business is in need of.

We Are Authentic

We champion, connect, support, our customers with solutions that not only help your business now but also offer long term working solutions which leave positive impact in the business.

One-stop for your B/s Needs

All the services you may need from consultancy to certifications services are available at Makkah International.

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